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Hangzhou Paradise (one day)

Reference Price: 55 US$

Hangzhou paradise park is the unique theme parks in east China area and is located in the south bank of Qiantangjiang River, twelve kilometers away from the West Lake. It is the largest travel and leisure holiday resort in eastern China. Covering an area of 10 square kilometers, the park is the themed area of World Leisure Expo Garden. The lake, mountain, river, sailboat and beach show the harmony between human and nature. There are maximal exercises like bungee jumping, rock climbing and space swing.


The West Lake (one day)

Reference Price: 55 US$

The West Lake is located in the western area of Hangzhou City. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The average depth of the lake is 3 meters, and the capacity is about 14,290,000 cubic meters. The lake is divided by Gushan, Bai, Su and Yanggong Causeways into five sub-areas. Three small islands lie in the center of Outer West Lake. The West Lake is not only famous for its picturesque landscape, but also embraces many aspects of Chinese culture.


City of Neighbourhoods (one day)

Reference Price: 55 US$

Stroll the bluestone streets in Old Downtown with Song styles or join a sightseeing tour of colourful Qiangjiang New Town. Discover Hangzhou’s many distinctive enclaves, from the Sijiqing Market to trendy Wulin Square with its designer shops, galleries and popular bistros.


Cultural Activities (one day)

Reference Price: 55 US$

The China National Silk Museum is the world's largest textile-based museum with the multi-levels dedicated to the different sections of silk production and also the types of silk. The special subjects of it are about tea and its culture. Hu Qingyu's Museum of Chinese Medicine is inside the ancient building complex of Huqingyu Drugstore, which has long been honored as “the Medicine House of the South of the Yangtze River”.


Enjoy Tea at the Dragon Well (one day)

Reference Price: 55 US$

Longjing tea leaves are roasted early in processing to stop the natural fermentation process. In the world of tea, the term "fermentation" refers to the actions of natural enzymes, present in the leaves, on the juices and tissues of the leaf. The actions of these enzymes is stopped by heating in pans or by steaming the leaves before they completely dry out. As is the case with other green teas, Longjing tea leaves are unfermented. When steeped, the tea produces a yellow-green color, a gentle, pure aroma, and a rich flavor.


Mount Damingshan (two days)

Reference Price: 150 US$

Mount Damingshan is a splendid bright pearl inlaying on the gold tourist line from Hangzhou to Mount Huangshan. It is 1489 meters above sea level and has 32 ridges or peaks, 13 gullies, 8 waterfalls, 3 grassy marshlands, 94 scenic spots in all. Mount Damingshan, where the first emperor of Ming Dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang had stationed his troops at Thousand-mu Field to resist Yuan Dynasty and set up Ming Dynasty, has a long history and wonderful sceneries.


The Grand Canyon (two days)

Reference Price: 150 US$

The Grand Canyon is located at the joint border of Zhejiang and Anhui Provinces. It extends from Mount Huangshan and the water from the canyon is source for Qiantangjiang River. The canyon is high with rapid running water, in the shape of a long belt spanning the length of 80 kilometers. It is regarded as the first Grand Canyon for tourism in the eastern China. It is the canyon with the best reserved vegetation, the most beautiful scenery and the smallest resident population.


Mount Tianmushan (two days)

Reference Price: 150 US$

Mount Tianmushan is best known for giant trees, waterfalls, tea, peaks surrounded by clouds, bamboo shoots, temples, nunneries, and odd shaped rocks. It is also known as a natural botany garden because more than 2,000 species of plants grow on there. The mountain is also home to hundreds of species of birds and animals. Amongst them are 39 endangered or protected species. The lush sub-tropical climate results in both famous succulent bamboo shoots and high-quality tea.


Qiandaohu (Thousand Islets Lake, two days)

Reference Price: 180 US$

Qiandaohu is currently the largest man-made lake in China. It got its name from the 1078 islets in the lake. The lake is famous for its crystal-clear water and picturesque scenery. Covering an area of 573 square kilometers, the lake is more than one hundred times larger than the West Lake. A forest covers nearly 93% of the lake area, which is home to over 1,800 plants and 2,100 wild animals. With an average depth of 34 meters, its water visibility can reach 7 to 12 meters.


MountPutuoshan (two days)

Reference Price: 200 US$

Mount Putuoshan is one of the four most famous Buddhist mountains in China. Mount Putuoshan is regarded as the sacred mountain of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, and so the statue of Guanyin is the only and dominant theme there. Mount Putuoshan is famous for religion culture. It also owns many wonderful scenic sites, on the island, including temples, nunneries, and beaches.


Chengdu (Historical Heritage) (three days)

Reference Price: 450 US$

D1      take flight or CRH train (high speed train) to Chengdu (the capital city of Sichuan Province) and stroll city neighbourhoods.
D2      visitscenic spots in Dujiangyan and Qingcheng Mountain.
D3      visit local museums and leave Chengdu.


Sanya (Natural Treasure) (three days)

Reference Price: 500 US$

D1      take flight to Sanya and stroll city neighbourhoods.
D2      visitlocal scenic spots in Sanya and stroll beach in Sanya Bay.
D3      leave Sanya.


Kunming (Natural Treasure) (three days)

Reference Price: 500 US$

D1      take flight to Kunming.
D2      visit Stone Forest in Yunnan.
D3      visit Ah Norda rainforest and then leave Kunming.


Beijing (Historical Heritage) (five days)

Reference Price: 600 US$

D1      take flight or CRH train to Beijing.
D2      visit the Palace Museum for the whole day and watch the flag ceremony in the Tian'anmen Square.
D3      visit the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs -Ding Ling.
D4      visit the Summer Palace and the temple of Heaven.
D5      leave Beijing.


Xi'An (Historical Heritage) (five days)

Reference Price: 650 US$

D1      take flight or CRH train to Xi'An.
D2      visit the Daming Palace National Heritage Park and the Shanxi History Museum.
D3      visit the Famen Temple and the Qian Mausoleum.
D4      visit the Terra-Cotta Warriors and the Huaqing Palace.
D5      leave Xi'An.


Guilin (Natural Treasure) (five days)

Reference Price: 700 US$

D1      take flight to Guilin.
D2      visit Crown Cave in and Gudong Waterfall.
D3      visit Lijiang River, Silver Cave and West Street in Yangshuo.
D4      visit Shangri-la and Elephant Hill.
D5      leave Guilin.


Shangri-la, Lijiang (Folk Customs) (five days)

Reference Price: 900 US$

D1      take flight to Lijiang.
D2      visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain scenic area, and watch the show "The Impression of Lijiang".
D3      take bus to Shangri-la, along the way visit the Yangtze River, the First Bay and Tiger leaping gorge.
D4      visit Pudacuo Park, Gadansongzanlin temple, and then return to Lijiang.
D5      leave Lijiang.


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