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Symposia Chairs

Symposium Organizer(s) Title
Phylogeography & Evolution (10)
1 Melita Vamberger, Germany (Melita.Vamberger@senckenberg.de)
Uwe Fritz, Germany
Phylogeography of Turtles and Tortoises
2 Agustin Camacho Guerrero, Brazil (agus.camacho@gmail.com; agustincamacho@usp.br)
John J. Wiens, USA (wiensj@email.arizona.edu)
How Lizards Turn into Snakes: Combining Fossils, Phylogeny, Function, Genetics, Development, Morphology, and Ecology
3 Nathalie Feiner, Sweden (nathalie.feiner@biol.lu.se)
Tobias Uller, Sweden (tobias.uller@biol.lu.se; tobias.uller@zoo.ox.ac.uk)
Ontogeny Creates Phylogeny – How Can a Developmental Approach Contribute to Herpetology?
4 David S. McLeod, USA (mcleod.ds@gmail.com)
Miguel Vences, Germany (m.vences@tu-braunschweig.de)
Species Delimitation in the Age of Phylogenomics
5 Guo-Jie Zhang, China (zhanggj@genomics.org.cn)
Robert W. Murphy, Canada (bob.murphy.ca@gmail.com)
Jing Che, China (chej@mail.kiz.ac.cn)
Andrew J. Crawford, Colombia (andrew@dna.ac)
Ya-Ping Zhang, China (zhangyp@mail.kiz.ac.cn)
Amphibian Genomics: Recent Success, Current Progress, and Future Challenges
6 Ben Wielstra, UK (ben.wielstra@naturalis.nl)
Brad Shaffer, USA (brad.shaffer@ucla.edu)
Hybrid Zones as a Mechanism of Interspecific Gene Exchange: New Models and Empirical Tests
7 Alan H. Savitzky, USA (savitzky@usu.edu)
Akira Mori, Japan (gappa@ethol.zool.kyoto-u.ac.jp)
Recent Advances in the Evolution of Chemical Defenses in Natricine Snakes
8 Juan J. Calvete, Spain (jcalvete@ibv.csic.es)
Bruno Lomonte, Costa Rica
Omic Technologies for Investigating Venom Evolution
9 Claudia Corti, Italia (claudia.corti@unifi.it)
Anthony Herrel, France (anthony.herrel@mnhn.fr)
The Evolution of Reptiles on Islands: Patterns and Processes
10 Mariana Morando, Argentina (morandocnp@gmail.com)
Luciano J. Avila, Argentina (avilacnp@gmail.com)
Diversity, Species Limits and Evolution of Liolaemus: Emerging Results of the Last 15 Years of Studies in the Most Diverse Lizard Genus of the Southern Hemisphere
Conservation (7)
11 Jian-Ping Jiang, China (jiangjp@cib.ac.cn)
Hai-Gen Xu, China
Sathyabhama Das Biju, India
Biodiversity and Monitoring of Amphibians and Reptiles
12 Phil Bishop, New Zealand (phil.bishop@otago.ac.nz)
Ariadne Angulo, Canada
Sally Wren, New Zealand
James Lewis, Global Wildlife Conservation
Jos Kielgat, Denmark
Refining Priorities for Global Amphibian Conservation
Asian Regional Priorities, Challenges and Opportunities for Amphibian Conservation
13 Jeff Dawson, UK (jeff.dawson@durrell.org; jeffdawson78@googlemail.com)
Richard A. Griffiths, UK
James Lewis, Amphibian Survival Alliance
Pi-Peng Li, China (104466606@qq.com)
Hank Jenkins, Australia (hank.jenkins@consol.net.au)
The Ex-situ Factor: Improving the Design and Status of Conservation Breeding Programs (Captive Breeding as a Conservation Strategy for Threatened Amphibians?)
14 Federico Pablo Kacoliris, Argentina (kacoliris@fcnym.unlp.edu.ar - fedekacoliris@hotmail.com)
Jorge Daniel Williams, Argentina
Conserving Herps' Species in Neotropics: Challenges and Problems Related to the Lost of Biodiversity at Undeveloped Countries
15 Andrew A. Cunningham, UK (A.Cunningham@ioz.ac.uk)
Jing Che, China
Chinese Giant Salamander Conservation: From Genes to Farms
16 Ross Kiester, Turtle Conservancy (ross@turtleconservancy.org)
Hai-Tao Shi, China (haitao-shi@263.net)
Torsten Blanck, Austria (cuora_yunnanensis@yahoo.com)
Minh Duc Le, USA (mle@amnh.org)
Evolution and Conservation of Turtles of the Genus Cuora
17 Xiao-Bing Wu, China (wuxb@mail.ahnu.edu.cn)
Mark Merchant, USA (mmchant@mcneese.edu)
Conservation Biology of Crocodilians
Physiological Ecology (4)
18 Wei-Guo Du, China (duweiguo@ioz.ac.cn)
Daniel Warner, USA
Physiological Mechanisms and Ecological Consequences of Developmental Plasticity in Reptile Embryos
19 Nora Ruth Ibargüengoytía, Argentina (noraibarg@gmail.com)
Carlos Arturo Navas Ianinni, Brazil
Medina M, Argentina
Carla Piantoni, Brazil.
Ecology and Physiology of Amphibians and Reptiles: Challenges Caused by Global Climate Change
20 José Eduardo de Carvalho, Brazil (jecarvalho@gmail.com)
Carlos Arturo Navas, Brazil (carlos.navas2@gmail.com)
Water Balance Influencing the Life History of Amphibians and Reptiles
21 Gustavo A. Agudelo-Cantero, Brazil (gustavo.a.agudelo@gmail.com)
Carla Bonetti Madelaire, Brazil (cmadelaire@yahoo.com.br)
Future Interactions Between Herpetology and Ecological/Evolutionary Physiology in a Changing World
Biological Invasions (3)
22 Russell Burke, USA (Russell.L.Burke@hofstra.edu) Urban Herpetology
23 Yi-Ming Li, China (liym@ioz.ac.cn) Ecology, Evolution and Impacts of Alien Amphibians and Reptiles
24 Anthony Herrel, France (anthony.herrel@mnhn.fr)
John Measey, South Africa (john@measey.com)
Dennis Rödder, German (d.roedder.zfmk@uni-bonn.de; D.Roedder@zfmk.de)
Biology of Native and Invasive Populations of Xenopus laevis
Infectious Diseases (1)
25 Patricia A. Burrowes, Puerto Rico (pburrowesupr@gmail.com)
Frank Pasmans, Belgium (Frank.Pasmans@ugent.be)
Trent Garner, UK (trent.garner@ioz.ac.uk)
Xiao-Long Wang, China (yttuhh@yeah.net)
Yi Geng, China(gengyisicau@126.com)
Hong Liu, China(liuhong@szciq.gov.cn)
From Canterbury to Hangzhou: Lessons Learned on the Threat of Emergent Infectious Diseases (EID’s) to Herpetofauna
Publishing & Networking (2)
26 Robert Jehle, UK (r.jehle@salford.ac.uk)
Erin Muths, USA (muthse@usgs.gov)
Publishing Herpetological Journal Articles in a Globalized World
27 Peter Uetz, USA (peter@uetz.us) Herpetological Information in a Networked World
Parthenogenesis (1)
28 Alex Hall, USA (alexhall@uta.edu) Squamate Parthenogenesis
Anthropological Herpetology (1)
29 Indraneil Das, Malaysia (idas@unimas.my) Ethnoherpetology
Caecilian Amphibians (1)
30 Mark Wilkinson, UK (M.Wilkinson@nhm.ac.uk; apodauk@gmail.com) The Secret Worlds of Caecilian Amphibians
Paleoherpetology (1)
31 Ke-Qin Gao, Peking University, China
Hongyu Yi, University of Edinburgh, UK
Evolution in Time and Space: Total-evidence Approaches to Biogeographic and Phylogenetic Questions

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