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    The WCH8 Organizer received 36 symposium proposals before they were sent to members of the WCH8 Scientific Committee for comments in early November 2015. Four proposals were not accepted because they were either parallel with others or too narrow in topic or region to be selected as an international symposium. Of the 32 accepted symposia, 31 have been confirmed by the organizer(s) and can be divided into ten thematic groups (Phylogeography & Evolution, Conservation, Physiological Ecology, Biological Invasions, Infectious Diseases, Publishing & Networking, Parthenogenesis, Anthropological Herpetology, Caecilian Amphibians, and Paleoherpetology), one symposium on Poison Frogs was cancelled by the organizer. For more details on the accepted symposia, please click the icon WCH8 Symposia on the WCH8 home page.

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