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Call for Symposia

The 8th World Congress of Herpetology (WCH8) will be held 15-21 August 2016 in Hangzhou, China. The Organizing Committee is currently inviting proposals for symposia at WCH8. Each symposium will last two hours, with eight 15-min presentations. If you are interested in organizing a symposium, please send your proposal via email to the following addresses:

xiangji150@hotmail.com / jixiang@njnu.edu.cn (Professor Xiang Ji, Nanjing Normal University) njlihong@outlook.com / njlihong@163.com (Dr. Hong Li, Nanjing Normal University)

The proposal should include:

  1. 1)  The title of the proposed symposium

  2. 2)  Names of the organizers and their affiliations

  3. 3)  A brief description of the theme

  4. 4)  A tentative list of speakers

All proposals will be eva luated by the Scientific Program Committee chaired by Professor Ya-Ping Zhang, and up to 30 will be selected based on scientific merit and the timeliness of the topic. The selected symposium will be announced by 31 August 2015.

For more information about the 2016 congress (WCH8), please visit the website at: http://www.wch2016hangzhou.com
Best regards.

Xiang Ji
Professor in Ecology & Zoology
President, Chinese Herpetological Society
Secretary General Elect, World Congress of Herpetology Chair, Local Organizing Committee for WCH8
Nanjing Normal University, China 

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